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Customer Center

No Rewards Found?

You believe you earned rewards?

If you received the No Rewards Found Message, this means that Promotion Vault does not have any rewards associated with the email address or phone number you provided. 

Again, Our data shows that you are not eligible for a reward right now with the email address or phone number provided.

If you recently participated in a promotion, it is possible your data has not reached us yet. Come back and try searching again tomorrow!

If you believe this is an error we recommend contacting the business who you believe sent the reward.

How long is my reward available to use?

The gift card never expires. All activated rewards are available in the Vault for 6 months from the eligible date of the reward. Other expiration terms may apply for each reward. More details are available once your reward is chosen from The Vault.

How is a reward redeemed?

All rewards sent will include a personalized reward combination that is unique to the reward. Some rewards may require activation for a set amount of days from eligibility. Follow the “Get Help” link from The Vault to visit the reward card vendor’s help page.

Can someone else have redeemed my reward? 

All rewards are communicated through secure email and text that have been provided by the sponsoring business that sent the reward. There are no other ways that rewards can be accessed.

More issues?

Contact for any questions related to rewards you have received.