Customer Center

Customer Center

Managing your account balance

If you haven’t already done so, add a payment method. To ensure the best reward experience setup reload settings or create an invoice to have your accounts payable department settle. 

How do I create an invoice?

  1. From the team dashboard click Create Invoice.
  2. Select the amount then select Wire Invoice, Credit Card Invoice or ACH Transfer Invoice and add funds.
  3. The invoice will be in the Transaction tab for you to download and send to your team.

**Note: Once an invoice is created or settled it can always be downloaded from the transaction table. Simply filter by invoice in the Filter by Type status and all invoices will appear in the table. 

Your transaction history

Access any historical transactions from the transactions table. Learn how to filter the transaction table and find the data you are looking for.

From the transaction table you can segment the data by status, type, tags, amount, reward types, promotions, reward id, begin date or end date for all transactions. Any data can always be downloaded.